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Dampness can cause chemical reactions and the formation of new substances in the casino online mass, including poisonous ones.

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He decides to resort to the last resort - to seek help from Lisa.
Despite the reputation of a liar and greedy for profit fraud, Lisa can always get slots thing. This situation is no exception. She has a medicine that can help slots. In exchange for a barrel of honey, she gave the casino online to Potapych. Unfortunately, by coincidence, the bear loses the medicine. However, despite the accident of this incident, he still must give the honey to Fox.

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And here Mishka's faithful friends - the Hare and the Hedgehog - come into play casino. Eared helped Potapych by bringing a heater to the den, thanks to which the patient felt a little better. After that, they decide to help their friend Bear and all the forest dwellers by punishing the red-haired savior. After summer comes, they have a chance to teach Lisa a lesson for her insolence and constant deceptions.


The thing is that all the animals suffered from the Fox, including the Hedgehog and the Hare.


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They come up with an interesting and challenging plan. However, even more ingenuity is needed to deceive a real trick.

They must lure Lisa into their nets and for this they must act together.

What Play casino of action will the brave friends come up with? And what is the role of the Gray Wolf in it? This animation tape tells how cheaters get what they deserve, and friendship helps to find a way out of any situation.

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A casino online is a solid oral dosage form. The active substances in it are dosed. It looks like a ball and weighs 0.1-0.5g. There are also exceptions - casino onlines weighing more than 0.5 g are boluses, but they are usually not used to treat people (either in veterinary medicine), and if less than 0.1 g in weight, these are granules (including homeopathic ones).

The mass of a pill can vary, but its appearance cannot vary - they are balls, they can be somewhat irregular in shape, but still necessarily spherical. The pill also has a prolonged action, despite its small volume, it slowly releases active substances into the gastrointestinal tract.

The tablet is also a solid dosage form, also dosed, but it can be intended not only for oral administration. Unlike pills, tablets are made by pressing (the pills are rolled). Tablets have more weight variation.


Sem curae incidunt in. The shape of the tablets can also be different, but spherical, as far as I know, does not exist at all.


In addition to oral administration, tablets can be used: first dissolve in water, and then inside, crush the tablets and apply as an impaired (like a powder), dissolve in the mouth, dissolve in any solvent for the preparation of solutions, suspensions, there are cheek tablets, chewable, sublingual, vaginal, implantable.

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Also, tablets may or may not have a prolonged effect.


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When using certain technological methods, tablets can generally be made so that they dissolve in a strictly defined section of the gastrointestinal tract - there are soluble in the stomach, enteric ... Tablets, unlike pills, can be crushed if the dosage is not suitable, and there are often special risks on the tablets, along which you can cut off the desired part (usually 1/2 or 1/4).
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Also, these dosage forms differ in coating - they can all be uncoated, but if you take pills, they can only be coated with sugar glaze on top, and that's all. For tablets, the coating can be: pressed, coated, coatedpure, gastro-soluble, enteric-soluble, etc.

As you can see, tablets are a dosage form that includes a wide variety in all respects.

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